The guideline of the Farming Systems Research and Development Association are :
Journal of Farming Systems Research and Development, is a bi-annual official publication the Farming Systems Research and Development Association, Modipuram, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Journal is open to papers of original work on farming systems in India d abroad. Full length articles, short notes and book reviews are accepted for publication. I the authors should be a member of the Farming Systems Research and Development Association. The papers, submitted for publication in the journal must not carry materials already published in the same form or even a part of it should not be offered for publication elsewhere. The Editorial Board takes no responsibility of facts or the opinions expressed in is journal which rests entirely with the authors.


Each paper should be briefly introduced without the heading, INTRODUCTION. Short communications should have no sub-headings.

The reference citations should follow the order, author, year of publication, title of the paper, name of the journal abbreviated according to the world list of scientific periodicals (edn. 4, London) publisher, place of publication and page number are to be given.

Tables should be submitted on seperate sheets. They should be numbered consecutively the order in which they are mentioned in the text and their approximate position should indicated in the margin of the manuscript. Each table should have a brief title or caption.
Information in tables should not be duplicated in the text, symbols (asterisk, dagger, etc.) should be used to indicate foot-notes to table. Maximum size of table acceptable to the journal what can be conveniently composed within one full printed page.

All diagrams and photographs should be submitted on separate sheets and securely enclosed with the manuscript so that there may not be any crack or fold. These should be numbered Consecutively in the order in which they are mentioned in the text. The position of the figures Should be indicated in the margin of the text. Each figure should bear a caption written with pencil. Figures should not depict the same data presented in tables.

The illustrations should be so designed as to fit when reduced in to one column width (7 cm) or a full page width (14 cm) of printing shape. The number of the figure, author (s) and The title of the article should be written by pencil on the back of each figure. Lines and Drawings should be made with Indian ink on heavy white drawing paper. Lines and lettering Should be sufficiently bold to stand reduction. All measurements in the text, tables and figures are to be represented in metric system. Use numeral whenever number is followed by unit measure or its. Abbreviation e.g. log, 3 cm 5 hours (5hr.), 6months).

All papers and notes on floppy dully typed in MS-Word with hard copy should be submitted along with figure (drawn on butter paper with due captions) to the Chief Editor ‘Secretary, journal of Farming Systems Research and Development, C/o Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research, Modipuram, Meerut -250 110, U.P., India. All articles Are sent to referees for SCRUTINY and authors should meet criticism by improving the article. The Chief Editor reserves the right to modify or reject a paper. A gratis copy of the journal will be supplied to members. Reprint 25 or its multiples may be supplied to authors on advance request and payment only.